Football is most popular sport in the United States. The NFL is the world’s premier football league, though the NCAA is another favorite in terms of betting. There are numerous Ethereum football betting options available in the form of licensed offshore sportsbooks. These sites host professional and college football betting lines and provide additional features not found in a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. This page was developed specifically to inform people on betting on football with Ethereum. You will find information on gambling laws, the top-rated Ethereum-friendly sportsbooks on the market, betting odds for the upcoming seasons and more.

Is It Legal To Bet On Football Using Ethereum In The United States?

Yes. There are no federal or state laws against using cryptocurrencies to place wagers on sports online. However, there are several federal gambling laws applicable to sports betting in the US—the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the Federal Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). 46 states are not allowed to have any sort of regulated betting options under PASPA. The Federal Wire Act keeps US bettors from placing wagers with domestic online sites. The UIGEA applies to financial institutions and how they process transactions with illegal online gambling sites. None of these laws mention gambling with an offshore sportsbook as being illegal. They also have no mention of using Ethereum.

Is Ethereum Football Betting Legal In Other Countries (Non-US)?

For the most part, yes. Most countries allow sports gambling and even have national sportsbook operations. Furthermore, they do not have any laws against using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. As long as the sportsbook you are using is legally licensed and regulated, there should be no legal issues; this also is the case for legally licensed Ethereum-accepted gaming sites.

Top Rated Ethereum Football Betting Sites For May 2024

The table below comprises the best available Ethereum friendly sportsbooks hosting football betting. Our team of online football betting analysts have checked each of these sportsbooks for items like legal licensing, regulation, betting selection, wagering type variance, security settings, customer support options, bonuses and other promotions, accommodating banking suites (which includes Ether) and mobile/live betting capabilities. If you are curious to learn more, use the links provided in the table. You are not obliged to make an account or place a single wager when browsing.

Site NameBonusRatingUSAVisit Site
Bovada Sportsbook100% Max $2504.8Visit Site
Betonline Logo50% Max $1,0004.5Visit Site
MyBookie Sportsbook100% Max $1,0004.5Visit Site
Xbet Sportsbook100% Max $5004.4Visit Site
Sportsbetting.ag75% Max $1,0004.3Visit Site

Current NFL Season Betting Odds

The NFL is currently in its offseason. Now is the time to begin placing futures bets on who you think will win Super Bowl 53. Since the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl last season, it is anyone’s game. Most sportsbooks currently have the following teams as projected to win Super Bowl 53:

  • New England Patriots +600
  • Philadelphia Eagles +800
  • Green Bay Packers +1200
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +1200
  • Minnesota Vikings +1600
  • New Orleans Saints +1600
  • Houston Texans +1800
  • Atlanta Falcons +2000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +2000
  • Los Angeles Rams +2000
  • Oakland Raiders +2000
  • San Francisco 49ers +2000

These odds could fluctuate barring specific circumstances. For one, if QB Tom Brady or TE Rob Gronkowski retires, the Patriots will fall out of the top spot. Sportsbooks are accounting for QB Aaron Rodgers’ return to Green Bay. It is difficult to repeat as Super Bowl champions (just ask the Patriots after last season), but the Eagles have the talent to do it. Other than that, most of these projected teams were in the Playoffs last year and showed promise. Keep an eye on the Saints and Texans.

Current NCAA Football Betting Odds

Alabama is the current defending champions. They played a close game against Georgia and ended up winning in extra time. Of course, Alabama is again expected to be the top team. There is even a betting line for people to wager on Alabama or “any other team” winning. College football is unpredictable, and Alabama barely made it into the CFP last season. Perhaps there will be a new winner for this upcoming season. The current projected favorites for NCAA Champion are:

  • Alabama +200
  • Clemson +660
  • Ohio State +700
  • Georgia +800
  • Michigan +1400
  • Penn State +1600
  • Wisconsin +2000
  • Oklahoma +2500
  • Florida State +2500
  • And so on…

A lot of these odds depend on the state of these teams with the NFL Draft. If key players decide to return for another year, teams will be strong. Otherwise, they’ll be fielding underclassmen and inexperienced players. This does not necessarily mean anything bad, but it could alter things. Plus, there is always the controversial CFP Selection Committee that could throw things off.

2024 Ethereum Football Betting FAQs

Are There Perks With Using Ethereum To Bet On Football?

Yes. Ethereum transactions are much faster than other methods. This is because they do not require authorization from any banks or financial institutions. They also do not come with any attached fees for deposits and withdrawals. This means Ethereum football bettors are getting the most bang for their buck.

1Xbit Does Not Accept US Bettors. Are There Other Sites To Bet On Football With Ethereum?

Yes. There are alternative Ethereum-friendly football betting sites available for US bettors. Consult the table for more information.

When Do The Upcoming Football Seasons Begin?

The NFL 2018-2019 regular season is set to being on September 6 and run through December 30. The Playoffs begin on January 5 and run until Super Bowl 53, which is set for February 3, 2019, in Atlanta, GA.

The NCAA 2018-2019 regular season is set to begin on August 30 and run through December 8. The CFP begins on December 15 and runs until January 7, 2019. The National Championship will take place at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Is Sports Betting The Only Type Of Ethereum Friendly Gambling?

No, it’s not.  Various cryptocurrencies, including Ether, can also be used at Ethereum online casinos and Ethereum online poker sites.  In fact, several Ethereum friendly casinos also offer horse race betting, skill games, financials wagering, scratch-off games and lottery games, among others.

Ethereum Resources

In order to obtain Ether, bettors must convert their fiat currency into cryptocurrency through an exchange or vendor. There is a multitude of exchanges which offer this service, however, we recommend CoinBase at the moment.