The NBA is one of the most televised and wagered on sports leagues in the world. With such an international following, it is no wonder cryptocurrency bettors have moved into the basketball sector. Bettors can engage in legal basketball betting through licensed offshore sportsbooks that accept Ethereum. While there are many different sportsbooks on the market, the ones recommended in this guide are all Ethereum-friendly gambling sites. This page was developed specifically for Ethereum basketball betting and has information on gambling laws and how they apply to the market, the best online sportsbooks to use, insight into NBA betting odds and more. Be sure to read through to educate yourself on all things Ether basketball gambling.

Is It Legal To Use Ethereum For USA Basketball Betting In 2024?

Yes. There are 3 major gambling laws that apply to sports betting in the US. These are the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the Federal Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). PASPA keeps 46 states from hosting regulated betting forms, i.e. brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Nevada is the only state with physical betting locations (but these don’t accept Ethereum).

The Federal Wire Act prevents bettors from using US-based online sportsbooks. The UIGEA specifically monitors banks and other financial institutions, specifically how they process transactions with Internet gambling sites. None of these laws restrict US bettors from using licensed offshore sportsbooks. These sportsbooks are outside US jurisdiction, but even still, the federal laws do not cite any sort of offense with using these sites. Furthermore, there are no laws against using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Is It Legal Use Ethereum For Global Basketball Betting In 2024?

The answer to this question really depends on the gambling laws that are in place for any country. Most countries do not consider the use of licensed offshore sportsbooks a crime. In fact, most countries outside of the US are pro-sports gambling and host their own regulated sportsbooks. Licensed offshore bookmakers provide a legal alternative that comes with its own advantages. Cryptocurrencies are generally accepted in most countries, including Ethereum, so in most cases, bettors are able to use the currency to place bets online.

Top Rated Ethereum Basketball Betting Sites

Our team of online basketball betting analysts have compiled a list of the best available Ethereum sportsbooks in the table below. Each one of these brands has been vetted for legal licensing, regulation, betting selection, wagering type variance, security settings, customer support options, bonuses and other promotions, accommodating banking suites (which includes Ether) and mobile/live betting capabilities. You can view these sites for yourself by clicking on the links provided in the table. There is no obligation to register an account or place a single wager when browsing.

Site NameBonusRatingUSAVisit Site
Bovada Sportsbook100% Max $2504.8Visit Site
Betonline Logo50% Max $1,0004.5Visit Site
MyBookie Sportsbook100% Max $1,0004.5Visit Site
Xbet Sportsbook100% Max $5004.4Visit Site
Sportsbetting.ag75% Max $1,0004.3Visit Site

Perks Of Using Ethereum To Bet On Basketball?

Basketball betting with Ethereum has several perks that bettors should be keen to take advantage of. Sports betting with any cryptocurrency is typically better than using a credit/debit card. It is not uncommon for sportsbooks to offer exclusive bonuses for people using Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. These are supplementary promotions that can be added to welcome bonuses, all of which can be combined to increase your basketball wagering.

Another perk with betting on basketball using Ethereum is that transactions are quite fast and there are no imposed transaction fees. This applies to withdrawals as well, meaning bettors can receive all of their winnings without sacrificing a percentage of transaction fees. Sportsbooks often encourage the use of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum because of how fast the transactions go through.

Betting On The NBA With Ethereum In 2024

The NBA is without a doubt the most popular basketball league in the world. It hosts the world’s most talented players and teams. The NBA Finals typically pulls in millions of wagers on offshore sportsbooks. Our recommended offshore sportsbooks all host NBA betting lines, including point spread, moneyline, total, prop and future bets. You can bet on NBA games throughout the regular season and into the Playoffs.

Current NBA Betting Odds

Betting odds change on a game-to-game basis, but there are some bets that remain constant. As of now, the teams favored to win this year’s NBA Championship are (in order):

  • Golden State Warriors -160
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +500
  • Houston Rockets +500
  • Boston Celtics +1400
  • Toronto Raptors +1400
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +2800
  • San Antonio Spurs +3300
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +3300

As you can see, there are some fresh faces in the mix. However, most NBA analysts predict a third-straight NBA Finals rematch between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Both teams are the heavy favorites to win their individual conferences.

Ethereum Basketball Betting FAQs

1Xbit Does Not Accept US Bettors. Are There Other Sites To Bet On Basketball With Ethereum?

Yes. US bettors have other options outside of 1Xbit to place wagers on basketball using Ethereum. Refer to the table above to check out some alternatives.  The US friendly options in the recommendations above also provide bettors with access to their Ethereum online casinos and Ethereum online poker rooms, as well as options for scratchcards, skill games, lottery games, financials wagering, horse race betting and more.

How Do I Deposit Money Using Ethereum?

Ethereum deposits are conducted by entering in your digital wallet information this, of course, is after you have converted USD into Ether using a digital currency exchange. This creates a secure and personal connection that is finalized instantaneously (in most cases). To start, navigate to the Cashier page of the sportsbook. Then enter in how much Ethereum you’d like to wager. The next screen will provide the digital wallet address information for you to complete the deposit.

Is There A Minimum And Maximum Deposit Amount With Ethereum?

Yes. Sportsbooks often impose minimum/maximum deposit amounts. The range is wide enough to accommodate most bettors.  One reason that players are opting to use Ethereum is due to the nearly instantaneous transactions available.  Deposits and withdrawals are processed much faster with cryptocurrencies than other forms of online banking solutions.