Ethereum To Be Included In Blockchain Wallet With Shapeshift Exchange

It functions as a measure of validity when a staple of the industry starts to include you in their business plans. One of the largest crypto currency wallets on the planet has recently added a feature to include the storage of Ether in their systems in addition to the already huge market of Bitcoin users.

Ether is the crypto currency that is used to drive the smart contracts on the Ethereum block chain and the currency has lately seen unprecedented rise in value. Ether has enjoyed approximately 4,000% market value surges this year alone and sits as the second highest market cap for digital crypto currencies in the world. Now, more than 16 million Blockchain wallet users will have access to another crypto currency and only the second to be included by Blockchain wallets, Ether.

Peter Smith is the chief executive of Blockhchain and was quoted talking about the new addition, “The reason we decided to add Ethereum is we really feel like Ethereum as a community, ecosystem and technology has really matured.”

Ethereum casinos and poker sites are beginning to emerge within the elite, premium online gambling brands, providing another e-commerce market for the up and coming crypto currency platform. We are expecting to see online sportsbooks that accept ethereum to begin making their entrance into the industry soon as well.

Blockchain isn’t the first major wallet to add the storage option of Ether to it. Coinbase began proposing options to store Ether more than a year ago but according to the Smith, they had a better demographic to do so. He was subsequently quoted talking about the need for blockchain to be much more careful with the timing of when they offered storage options for ether.

In comparison, Coinbase’s market is much more centrally located in the US, Canada, and Europe. All of those markets are on the cutting edge of cryptocurrencies and were the first ones to find out about Ether, they have simply known about it for longer. Blockchain’s market, on the other hand, is purportedly much more global, finding roughly 80% of its user base outside of those regions. Plainly said, most Blockchain wallet user simply haven’t known much about Ether until recently, which is a prevailing sign of a truly promising crypto. is probably the most widely used user-controlled digital crypto wallet on the market. In Blockchain people have access to their own private keys, that’s what makes it user-controlled. In Coinbase, the company holds the private keys in the same way a bank controls the currency you have in your account. Peter Smith wants Blockchain wallet users to be their own bank instead of providing one for them. “Our philosophy is not to run a crypto bank, but give people software packages so they could be their own bank,” stated, Smith.

In addition to the added value of Ether, the wallet will also integrate a crypto-to-crypto currency exchange. Shapeshift has been added distinctly for the purpose of allowing their users to trade back and forth from Ether to Bitcoin.