The Only Ethereum Friendly Online Sportsbook Closes

The sports betting community has been left confused with one of the leading cryptocurrency-friendly sportsbooks unexpectedly shutting down. DirectBet has made somewhat of a name for themselves in recent years as an anonymous sports betting outlet that accepted various digital currency forms. The online sports betting community has been trying to sort what could have led to the demise of the site.

One confusing detail is that although the site’s closing message says they have been closed since May 21, 2017, the site did not update their homepage until June 7. During that timeframe, the site’s homepage gave the appearance that their sportsbook was functioning, though once you clicked anywhere on the sportsbook you were redirected to the closing message. Their closing message does not give any sort of reason as to why they shut down other than that they are “pursuing new interests”. All of the confirmed bets are to stand and corresponding payouts are set to be issued at the appropriate time.

Alternative currency enthusiasts are sad to see the site go because they were one of the few to accept several different digital currency variations—most online sportsbooks just accept Bitcoin. DirectBet supported Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dogecoins and Dash currencies through their platform. Their cryptocurrency model fostered anonymity, as bettors were not required to make an account or any deposits. All transactions were processed via respective digital currency blockchains with no questions asked. This approach to alternative currency transactions is widely considered to be the correct route. Most offshore sportsbook sites require accounts with personal information. DirectBet’s user-friendly anonymous service will leave a void for those who came to rely on it. Gamblers prefer the anonymity that comes with gambling sites that welcome ethereum deposits.

Some speculate that Bitcoin’s rising fees are to blame for the site shutting down, but as of now there have not been any clear announcements made. The decision is shocking because DirectBet’s reputation has been sterling during its tenure. Players never reported losing out on winnings and payouts were handled in a fast and secure manner. Although their casino and poker suites seem to still be in operation, it appears unlikely that their sportsbook will be returning.

Cryptocurrency users still have the option to place sports bets online, but those who use Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoins and even Litecoin, in most cases, may have to temporarily shift to Bitcoins for the time being. Other digital currency forms are not so widely accepted. Time will tell if more news comes to light regarding the sportsbook shutdown, but DirectBet’s vague closing is enough of a sign to realize something went wrong. If it is any consolation, their interface could be replicated by another site and alternative currency users may find another anonymous niche in the sports betting market.